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Maryland real estate lawyer resolves disputes over property matters

When problems arise in a real estate transaction, it is critical to ensure the protection of your property interests. At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Columbia, I handle real estate litigation for commercial and residential landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, property owners, and condominium and homeowners association (HOA) communities throughout the state. I am committed to helping individuals and business entities alike resolve disputes as favorably as possible.

Diligent attorney protects your interests in real property transactions

Having familiarity with the many issues that can complicate a real property transaction, I understand how best to protect your interests. If a party to a real property contract backs out of the sale or otherwise breaches the contract, I can seek appropriate legal and equitable remedies such as compensatory or liquidated damages, restitution and possibly specific performance. As attorney for a buyer, I can seek appropriate relief if the seller has failed to disclose significant property defects or misrepresented the property’s condition at the time of purchase.

Determined legal counsel offers effective resolutions for commercial real estate disputes

Commercial real estate transactions are typically complex, and the same is often true of the litigation that can arise when deals go awry. Having represented businesses in numerous real estate matters, I am experienced in taking the best courses of action to resolve disputes over contract and lease interpretation, contractual performance, title financing, liens, ownership rights and other property issues. I work closely with businesses to devise advantageous solutions through deft negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation.

Focused lawyer provides support for real estate construction issues

If you are involved in a residential or commercial construction project as a property owner, contractor or subcontractor, I can help you resolve disputes over contractual compliance, work quality, payments, financing and other aspects of project completion. Whichever parties I represent in a construction dispute, my aim is to help clients secure what they bargained for and prevent avoidable losses.

Maryland attorney serves landlords and tenants with reliable counsel

My firm represents commercial and residential landlords and tenants in disputes over lease compliance and other aspects of rental property use. I assert landlords’ rights by enforcing rent collection, pursuing eviction proceedings and seeking compensation for damage to the property. I represent tenants alleging the landlord’s lease violations, failure to maintain the premises, noncompliance with state or local regulations concerning rental properties and wrongful attempts to terminate the tenancy.  

Skillful representation of condominiums, HOAs and property owners

I handle disputes over alleged violations of HOA and condominium regulations, serving both individual property owners and associations. I help condos and HOAs enforce penalties and, if necessary, seek injunctive relief and compensation for any damages through litigation or other resolution methods. I help unit owners raise applicable defenses against liens, fines and other enforcement actions.

Find out what a Maryland real estate litigator can do about your property concerns

The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Maryland is committed to resolving real estate disputes with a view to attaining optimal results for each client. To discuss your options, schedule an initial consultation at my Columbia office by calling 410-690-3493 or contacting me online

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