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Columbia lawyer handles property transactions and resolves disputes

At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Columbia, my practice is focused on helping clients navigate the many legal issues that can arise in commercial and residential real estate transactions, whether they are buying, selling, financing or leasing property. Using my extensive knowledge of real estate issues and property rights, I provide capable assistance with contracts, landlord-tenant disputes, and condominium and homeowners association (HOA) community matters. You can rely on me for sound legal guidance and innovative problem-solving, regardless of how complex your situation is.

Experienced counsel provides representation to all sides of real estate transactions

I provide comprehensive legal services for buyers and sellers at every stage of a real estate sale or purchase, including drafting and reviewing sales contracts, negotiating terms of agreements, reviewing lending documents, searching and insuring property title and overseeing the closing process. I ensure that all aspects of the deal comply with state and federal law and local zoning and land use regulations and that potential problems have been cleared prior to finalizing the sale. When disputes arise, I pursue the appropriate remedies consistent with protecting my clients’ interests. My objective throughout the transaction process is to help you attain what you bargained for.

Attorney efficiently handles real estate disputes

Transactions go awry for a multitude of reasons, and there are many other real estate scenarios that require dispute resolution. I represent clients in controversies involving breaches of contract, lease violations, ownership contests and disputes over easements, zoning and other factors relating to property use. I seek appropriate remedies such as injunctions, specific performance and compensatory damages. Wherever conflict arises, I advocate for your business and property interests, providing you with a distinct advantage in and out of the courtroom.

Dedicated representative helps landlords and tenants

I offer a full range of landlord-tenant services, including drafting and negotiating residential and commercial leases and renewals. My firm represents landlords or tenants in disputes over issues such as rent, security deposits, lease compliance and terminations of tenancies. In addition to helping clients minimize liability in a landlord-tenant relationship, I focus on devising practical, effective solutions for any problems that occur.

Maryland lawyer assists with condominium and HOA community matters

My firm provides knowledgeable legal support to HOAs, condominium associations and unit owners, including resolving disagreements between parties about community rules and enforcement procedures. I advise associations on general management issues, draft and review governing documents and ensure compliance with state and local regulations. I also represent unit owners making grievances against boards or defending against allegations of rule or covenant violations. Whether through negotiation or dispute resolution processes, my priority is protecting the interests of my clients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Maryland, I aim to achieve positive results in any residential or commercial real estate matter. To schedule a consultation at my Columbia office, call 410-690-3493 or contact me online

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