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Maryland contracts attorney represents clients in negotiation and litigation

At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Columbia, I understand that the success of your project or business venture often begins with structuring the right deal. My task is to guide clients through the critical aspects of major transactions, from forming a contract and negotiating key terms to resolving disputes using the most effective and affordable means. However challenging your matter may be, I can provide the focused assistance necessary to advance your interests.

Zealous legal counsel offers advice in contract formation

Whether you are purchasing or selling goods, leasing property or entering any other type of business transaction, I draft and review contracts with careful attention to fulfilling your objectives. I help you structure agreements to reflect the most advantageous transaction or arrangement possible. In contract negotiations, I strategically address key terms with a view toward minimizing your liability and preserving your legal and business options in all foreseeable circumstances.

The earliest steps towards forming a legally binding agreement require thorough planning and are often the most fundamental. I guide clients in making informed decisions that contribute to long-term successes and the maintenance of business relationships.

Dedicated lawyer takes a strategic approach to contract disputes

Even with the most well-prepared contract, disagreements cannot be completely avoided, which is why I am prepared to assist in:

  • Disputes over contract terms —When disagreements arise over interpretations of contractual terms and conditions, I assist my clients in endeavoring to achieve a favorable workout, whether through negotiation or formal dispute resolution. This may include reformation of the contract to address the disputed provisions.
  • Breaches of contract — Whether you are faced with another party’s failure to abide by the terms of a contract or are alleged to be in breach, I pursue all available legal and equitable remedies or defenses. If appropriate, I seek to foster a resolution of the alleged breach that preserves the contract as a whole while protecting my client’s rights to performance and/or damages or restitution.

Whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation, I seek just results for my clients regardless of which side of a dispute they are on.

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At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Maryland, I help clients address notable issues in all types of contracts. To discuss your next steps, schedule an initial consultation at my Columbia office by calling me at 410-690-3493 or contacting me online.

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