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Maryland law firm litigates business matters

No matter how straightforward a commercial deal may be, it is important to be prepared for conflict.  At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Columbia, I assist businesses with seeking legal relief or raising defenses in such matters as breach of contract, breach of warranty, business torts and real estate disputes. With a strong background in business, contracts and relevant areas of practice, I apply my legal knowledge and practical experience to helping you achieve positive results that contribute to your long-term success.

Seeking practical solutions for contractual disputes

A focus of my practice is helping clients resolve contractual disagreements and other disputes that arise in the course of maintaining business relationships. I assist with the following matters:

  • Breach of contract —An alleged failure to fulfill certain duties under a contract may be grounds for legal action and/or for excusing the other party from further performance. I help businesses bring breach of contract lawsuits, seeking damages and other available remedies such as reformation, rescission and restitution. I also defend against such suits and, whenever possible, seek solutions that address the problem without disrupting the business relationship.
  • Breach of warranty — I help businesses assess and pursue their options under sales contracts when an express or implied promise regarding a product or service’s quality or performance is not carried out. I pursue fair compensation for any losses or damages resulting from a breach of warranty.

When legal action is necessary to ensure compliance with contract terms, I make all efforts to protect your interests in the deal.

Aggressive attorney litigates business tort claims

Business torts are committed when someone had a duty — by law or by contract — to act according to a certain standard of behavior and failed to do so, thereby causing a loss to your enterprise. A common example is tortious interference with contractual or employment relationships. Trade libel, theft of trade secrets and anticompetitive practices may also be grounds for a business tort suit. I carefully assess each client’s situation to determine the appropriate course of action and measure damages resulting from the injury, including loss of profits, competitive position, market share and reputation. I also seek injunctions and other forms of equitable relief when necessary.

Experienced legal counsel litigates real estate disputes

When disputes arise over sale, leasing, financing or other activity involving real property, I am adept at analyzing the legal posture of the parties and taking prompt and effective measures to protect and advance my clients’ interests. I help resolve disagreements over contracts, ownership, boundaries, easements, security interests, leases, liens and zoning, whether through litigation or alternative dispute methods. Whatever side of the case I am on, I work to achieve optimal results by cost-effective means.

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At The Totten Law Firm, LLC., located in Columbia, I am committed to resolving business disputes with a view to attaining the most favorable results for each client. To schedule an initial consultation at my Columbia office, please call 410-690-3493 or contact me online.

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