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Maryland attorney represents businesses in property transactions and disputes

At The Totten Law Firm, LLC. in Columbia, I provide comprehensive legal representation for clients in commercial real estate transactions, handling numerous issues in leases and sales contracts. I also represent clients in breach of contract matters, construction litigation and in resolving issues arising from easements and restrictions on property use. I draw upon my detailed knowledge of commercial real estate and property matters to help clients fulfill their objectives.

Dedicated lawyer guides clients through commercial leasing issues

As an attorney who is well-versed in landlord-tenant law, I advise companies on all aspects of commercial leasing. I am involved in negotiating the deal, including key terms such as the tenancy period and rent amount, the security deposit, subleases and assignments, property maintenance and improvements as well as conditions for termination. In every transaction, I work to implement the most effective ways to minimize client liability and avoid potential problems.

Assertive advocate represents clients in commercial real estate litigation

I litigate aggressively on behalf of my clients when disputes arise in any real estate transaction. When another party commits a breach of contract or accuses you of doing so, I will protect your rights by asserting all legal and equitable remedies or defenses available. Whenever possible, I pursue resolutions that address the alleged breach while preserving the contract as a whole.

I also regularly litigate construction disputes on behalf of property owners and developers dealing with defects and unsatisfactory performance as well as defend against contractors’ or subcontractors’ efforts to enforce payments through mechanics’ liens while a construction dispute is pending.

Columbia attorney offers thorough legal advice regarding easements and property restrictions

If you are purchasing commercial real estate and/or engaging in property development, you must deal with the implications of any easements or land use restrictions that may exist. Easements can be expressed or implied, granting access to your property for use by private parties, the general public, the government or utility companies. I investigate the validity of easements and any other limitations on commercial property and take legal action that best helps my clients maximize the beneficial use of their investment.

Achieve success with help from a Maryland real estate lawyer

At the Totten Law Firm, I represent Maryland clients in a wide range of commercial real estate matters, from orchestrating leasing transactions to resolving disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. Get started by calling 410-690-3493 or contacting me online to schedule an initial consultation at my Columbia office.

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