Helping People is what it is all about ' This has been my belief since I first started in the practice of law over 40 years ago. I tell my clients that they are not paying me to agree with them- they are paying me to help them. Helping means always leveling with the client, tell them as best you can what they are facing and the pluses and minus of actions that could be taken. That's my job, and making a positive difference in people's lives is the goal. --- My primary field of practice is Real Estate and Business Law including transactional as well as litigation. Typical matters that I handle are drafting contracts; deeds; mortgages; investment deals and partnerships; I also do quite a bit of litigation regarding real estate disputes; landlord tenant matters; latent defects cases (cases that involve problems experianced by buyers after they purchase a home); partition cases where one owner wants to sell, the other one doesn't; and business disputes both large and small.  I speak nationally on real estate, finance, and fraud matters involving the mortgage and real estate industry.  I speak before audiences as varied as law enforcement, banking and mortgage groups, real estate investment groups, real estate brokerages, and the public.  In addition to the practice of law, I also owned and operated a development company for 37 years which was primarily involved with the purchase of residential properties and then rebuilding the properties so that they were totally new on the interior and competative with new housing. Our company expanded beyond Maryland to Texas and California.  We added real estate brokerage services; property management; and a mortgage and construction division.  I am currently a licensed Real Estate Broker in Maryland and California, and a year ago we opened our first office in China.

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